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Angie's daughter is a young female dog and a supporting character in Come Home.


Angie's daughter is a little brown dog with long ears and blue eyes. She is seen wearing a white, green and red onesie with heart decorations. Given the shape of her muzzle and her long ears, she is likely a Basset Hound since she looks more like her father as opposed to her brothers looking like their mother.


Come Home

Angie's daughter is constantly anxious as to whether Angie will be home in time to watch a live, televised Christmas special with her family. She is initially crestfallen when Angie doesn't come home, but quickly becomes ecstatic when she sees her on television performing in the show.


"Mom! Hurry! Our show's gonna start soon!"
— Angie's daughter calling her mom through video chat

"It's not the same if she's not here."
— Angie's daughter, when her father suggests that they record the Moon Theater Christmas Special

"I knew it. She's not coming."
— Angie's daughter, sad that Angie is not home, before seeing her on TV.

— Angie's daughter, when she sees her mom on TV


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