Sorry, that's all I've got.

–The baboon, after giving Mike a penny for playing the saxophone


The unnamed baboon is an minor character in Sing.

He is voiced by Brad Morris.


The baboon is an anthropomorphic baboon with green eyes and white fur. He wears a green knitted vest, a yellow t-shirt, and grey pants that lets his tail stick out.


Timid and unintelligible, he was quite afraid to stand up to Mike.


During Mike's street performance, the baboon offers the mouse a penny. Mike, enraged at being shortchanged, intimidates the baboon into emptying his pockets, revealing more coins, dollar bills, and an inhaler. Mike takes the cash and publicly shames the baboon in front of passerby.


That's my inhaler.

–The baboon, when Mike discovers his inhaler

I forgot I had that.

–The baboon, when Mike discovers a wad of cash


  • The baboon is registered on an online dating site, as shown in the Sing mini-movie Love at First Sight.
  • His username on the site is "OldyButGoody"


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