Becky is a female porcupine and Lance's current girlfriend in Sing.

She is voiced by Tara Strong.


Becky is an anthropomorphic porcupine. She has light blue eyes, tan fur, and brown and tan quills. Her quills are "styled" differently compared to Ash's quills, as they grow differently and she has quills that go across her forehead to imitate bangs. She wears a red and black striped dress and a jean jacket, along with black leggings and black sneakers with red laces, a golden chain necklace, and pink heart-shaped glasses (later taken by Ash). She also wears mascara and light purple eyeshadow.


Becky is friendly, and to some point clueless, as she didn't seem to grasp the fact Ash was Lance's girlfriend, and for some reason she chose to stay with him even after she found out he'd been in a relationship with Ash and had not officially broken it off before she walked in on them. While performing with Lance, she plays a tambourine.

She later scoffs at Ash's talents when she and Lance watch her perform on TV, purely because she is either jealous or because she didn't get her sunglasses back and probably saw Ash wear them during her performance.


During Buster Moon's selections for his singing competition, Buster only selected Ash to move forward, despite Lance and Ash being a duo. As Ash continued to practice and participate without him, Lance eventually found Becky and began performing his songs with her instead. In a later scene, Ash catches them in their apartment singing Jack White's "Love Interruption" closely together, while Becky plays a tambourine. The two almost kiss before Ash interrupts them. Becky is initially friendly towards Ash, but Ash knows she has been cheated on and kicks both Lance and Becky out of her apartment, subsequently leaving Becky without her sunglasses. She kindly asks about the sunglasses before having the door slammed in her face. After the Moon Theater is destroyed, Ash is shown walking sadly by a restaurant where she sees Lance and Becky performing together at the same restaurant that Ash and Lance performed at in the beginning, causing her to run off upset. Later, during Ash's performance of "Set It All Free", which was inspired by her breakup with Lance, Becky and Lance can be seen watching her on television. Becky turns off the TV and scoffs at Ash and vocally disproves of her singing ability and leaves the living room. Lance appears to agree with her, but then turns the TV back on after she leaves.


Hi! I'm Becky!

–Becky, when Ash catches her singing with Lance

Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry. I think I left my sunglasses in there...

–Becky, after she and Lance are thrown out of Ash's home

Seriously? She's not even that good.

–Becky, after seeing Ash sing on TV


  • Lance cheating on Ash with Becky may be a reference to the Beyoncé song "Sorry", which include the lyrics "He better call Becky with the good hair". The song is also about a woman's lover cheating on her with another woman.


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