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"Oh my gosh, look at her butt. Oh my gosh, look at her butt."
— Bunnies

The bunnies are a trio of female rabbits. They auditioned to be a part of Buster Moon's singing competition in Sing. In their audition, they sang the 2014 song "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj.


In Sing and in most associated media, one rabbit has white fur, a second has dark brown fur, and a the third has light brown fur. However, in Love At First Sight, Happy Holidays From Sing, and at least two other advertisements, all bunnies have white fur.

During their audition, all three bunnies wear purple strapless dresses and shoes, but outside of performing, one rabbit wears a purple strapless dress and shoes, the second a blue dress and shoes, and the third a teal dress and shoes. In at least two publicity materials, they wear matching blue strapless dresses and white shoes.

The light brown rabbit wears glasses in Sing for the Gold.


The bunnies frequently enjoy performing; in addition to auditioning for the singing competition, they sang together in a car, and often visit the town nightclub. All three bunnies have arrogant attitudes. When Buster rejected their act, they snobbishly walked offstage, and later when Mike accidentally bumped into the dark brown rabbit, she irritably glared at him. They also get easily distracted while driving to the point of interrupting traffic. However, they will acknowledge and cheer on other animals' singing and dancing abilities.



The bunnies are first seen auditioning for Buster's show with the song "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj. When they weren't selected, they snobbishly walked offstage. Sometime after their audition, the bunnies visit the town nightclub while Mike woos Nancy, as well as when he plays cards with the bears. When Mike is caught cheating, he bumps into the dark brown rabbit during his getaway. Later, the bunnies attend Buster's concert in the Moon Theater ruins, dancing during Meena's performance of "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing".

Sing For The Gold

The bunnies sing "Gold" in the car. In some versions aired on television, the three stop the car after singing to take selfies, obstructing traffic in the process.


"Show me your gold, do what your told. No time for games, put on your blindfold."
— The bunnies in a TV spot


  • The bunnies' audition was one of the most commonly shown in the trailers for Sing.
  • After the movie premiered, the word "butt" was removed from most television trailers in which they appeared in. Instead, after they say "Oh. My. Gosh. Look at her-", Buster Moon interrupts with "Okay, enough of that." However, this isn't how the scene actually occurred in the movie. This was done either to cut down on time or because of growing negative feedback from parents.
  • The bunnies have a cameo in Love At First Sight, attending the nightclub while Miss Crawly dates a bull.
  • The bunnies have a cameo in Happy Holidays From Sing. All three enjoy themselves at an ice rink while "Sleigh Ride" plays. After Gunter replaces the track with his holiday dance remix of "Groove Is in the Heart", they can be seen cheering as the Sing cast dances and poses.


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