Ben, the two of us need look no more...



Daniel is a male giraffe who auditioned to be a part of Buster Moon's singing competition in Sing. In his audition, he sang the 1972 song "Ben" by Michael Jackson.

He is voiced by Wes Anderson.


Being a giraffe, Daniel is very tall. He wears a blue and red striped turtleneck shirt covered by a blue jacket. He also wears blue jeans and white shoes.


Not much is shown regarding his personality, as he only sang his audition.


Daniel was originally picked to be a part of the competition, but he was quickly pulled due to his height as Buster quickly realized the burden of having to constantly use a megaphone to speak to him, and was replaced with Johnny. He seems to have difficulty hearing smaller animals due to said height.


What? Are you talking to me?

–Daniel, when Buster Moon tries to tell him he's in the show.



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