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"My folks want me to be more, you know, independent, I guess. They even hooked me up with this life coach dude. I guess he's gonna help me find my purpose in life. Thought I had one, but turns out, it wasn't the right one or something, I don't know."
— Eddie, telling Buster how his parents decided to hook him up with a life coach

Eddie is a male white Suffolk sheep who is a major character in the movie Sing. He also stars in the Sing home release-exclusive short "Eddie's Life Coach".

He is voiced by John C. Reilly.


Eddie is an anthropomorphic Suffolk sheep. He has brown eyes and small teeth that are rarely visible. His body and face are dark gray and his fleece is white. He wears a red beaded necklace, a red jacket over yellow sleeveless shirt, and orange shorts. He also wears black sandals with white socks. When visiting his Nana, Eddie wears a yellow dress jacket with a dark pink rose over a light blue sleeveless shirt.

In Eddie's Life Coach, Eddie plays Diamonds of Greyfork at night wearing a blue robe. He also sleeps in a blue sleeveless shirt over a dark blue pajama shirts and bottoms. When working out, Eddie wears a red tracksuit and pants.

In Happy Holidays From Sing, Eddie wears a green dress jacket with a yellow rose over a red and white striped sleeveless shirt and red shorts.


In contrast to Buster Moon's optimistic outlook, Eddie is doubtful about the future of his best friend's theater. He tends to be lazy and likes to lie around, play video games, and eat junk food. He generally doesn't like having to visit his Nana as she is usually mean to him. Despite his somewhat rudderless existence, Eddie's a lovable and loyal friend who will help Buster get back on his feet at his most desperate moment.



Eddie is the proverbial black sheep of his wealthy family. After years of being spoiled and pampered, his parents have recently exiled him to the pool house in a desperate attempt to make him live a more independent life. There, he spends most days swimming, playing video games, and begrudgingly doing mandatory household chores assigned by a life coach to inspire maturity.

Despite trying and failing to ground Buster's perspective, Eddie shows true loyalty to his friend after the Moon Theater's destruction. He provides Buster with a place to stay in the pool house, lends him his clothes, and assists with the car washing business by drying cars with his wool. When Buster decides to produce a show in the theater ruins, Eddie helps by setting up a makeshift open-air stage so Buster and his singers have a place to perform. Under Meena's tutelage, Eddie quickly becomes a competent stagehand and works the lights and sound effects, even enjoying the headphones that come with the job.

Eddie's Life Coach

Eddie is doing his usual lazy routine when he gets an ad for Garry "The Winner" Wishmann's digital training seminar along with his "Earphones of Enlightenment". Eddie is unimpressed, but is told by his mother that she has already set him up for the seminar, and threatens to kick him out unless he provides her with its completion certificate. At first, Eddie is completely unenthusiastic about the new schedule, exercises, and diet, but as the days go by, he eventually grows accustomed to it.

At the end of the week, he expects to be ready to obtain the certificate, but learns that he has to send Garry an additional $99.95 before he can do so. Outraged, Eddie climbs the massive amount of steps to Garry's house to confront him about the extra charge. He then finds out that Garry is actually a lazy slob himself who still lives with his parents, and that the only reason he did the commercial was so that his mom wouldn't kick him out. Eddie realizes that they both have a lot in common and in the end, they both decide to ditch the whole "winner" lifestyle and play video games together instead.

Happy Holidays From Sing

Eddie has fun at the ice rink with his Nana and her butler. After Gunter replaces the music track ("Sleigh Ride") with his holiday-themed dance remix of "Groove Is in the Heart", he watches and cheers on the dancing and posing of the main Sing cast.


From Sing

"A singing competition? Who wants to see another one of those?"
— Eddie

"Buster, what do you expect? She's like 200 years old."
— Eddie, to Buster on Miss Crawly's mistake on the flyers

"Look, maybe it's time to stop thinking, and it's time to just move on. I mean, this theater of yours, you could get some decent money for it and... I don't know, maybe we could do something together."
— Eddie

"This show is not gonna save your theater! You're at rock bottom, pal!"
— Eddie

"Uh, Nana, I-I don't know how to make tea."
— Eddie

"Buster, look out!"
— Eddie, moments before the Moon Theater is flooded

"You wash, I'll dry."
— Eddie, helping Buster out with his car wash

"All set and standing by! I love this headset!"
— Eddie, getting ready to start the show



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