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"Jump! Jump, jump, you might as well jump! You might as well jump! Jump!"
— Frog Trio

The frogs (named Ricki, Howie, and Kai) are a trio of male frogs who auditioned to be a part of Buster Moon's singing competition in Sing. In their audition, they sang the 1984 song "Jump" by Van Halen.


The frogs are varying shades of green with white underbellies. They each wear identical uniforms; an aqua colored shirt and a white bodysuit. They also wear purple bracelets and leg warmers. Ricki is tall and skinny, while Howie is slightly shorter. Kai is the shortest frog and is also the thickest in stature.


All three frogs tend to be drama queens, although Kai seems to be the more level-headed since he wanted Ricki and Howie to stop fighting. Ricki has a sense of superiority since he's the one who started the band. Howie is so self-absorbed, the other two frequently call him an "intolerable egomaniac".



The frogs were the very first act to be selected by Buster to move forward in his singing competition. Originally ecstatic, the frogs descend into bickering during practice, often having to be calmed down by Buster. They eventually quit the show due to their failure to work with each other. By the end of the film, they seem to have forgiven each other and attend the performance in the theater ruins and the grand opening of the New Moon Theater.

Sing on Tour

Pre-Show While Mizuki looks for Buster to tell him Ash is missing, the frog trio passes her. Howie complains about his partners' claims that he is an intolerable egomaniac, and states that one day he will find out what those words mean.


"We're through! They said I'm an intolerable egomaniac! I don't even know what that means!"
— Howie telling Buster why he and his partners are quitting the show


  • The frogs were the first act to voluntarily quit the singing competition.
  • The frog trio have a cameo in the Sing home release-exclusive short Love At First Sight, attending the nightclub while Miss Crawly dates a Bull.
    • Earlier in the short, Howie can be seen blowing heart-shaped bubbles to a female frog.


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