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"Get ready, cause I'm warning you. This stage is about to explode with major piggy power!"
— Gunter

Gunter is a male pig who is one of the main characters of the movie Sing, serving as the comic relief. He also stars in the Sing home release-exclusive short "Gunter Babysits".

He is voiced by Nick Kroll and speaks with a German accent.


Gunter is an anthropomorphic pig. While he is rather large in weight, he has great skill in aerobics and dancing. He wears a sparkly golden hoodie and pants covering a shiny red unitard with black dancing shoes. During his and Rosita's performance of "Shake It Off", he wears a sparkly black leotard.

In Christmas-themed TV spots, he wears a Santa hat, and his golden hoodie has candy canes printed on it.


Gunter is a bubbly, hyperactive, and passionate performer who is not afraid to show his love to sing and dance. He gives his performances his all, calling his drive and passion "Piggy Power!". Gunter feels most sure of himself when rocking spandex leotards and enjoys sharing his passion with others, encouraging Rosita to loosen up and shed her inhibitions. His only problem is conveying his enthusiasm in a way that others can understand and relate to. He can also be a little airheaded, such as when he answers a question Buster addresses to Rosita after the latter trips and falls.



Gunter is introduced auditioning for Buster Moon's singing competition. While initially rejected, Buster immediately calls him back to partner with Rosita and liven up her act. He explains to Rosita that she should let the music tell her body what to do instead of following a long series of complicated dance steps. He also shows sympathy for Ash when he hears that her boyfriend, Lance, cheated on her, insulting Lance.

Gunter Babysits

Gunter arrives at Rosita & Norman's apartment and greets them loudly. Norman thanks Gunter for offering to babysit, but Rosita is nervous about it and expresses her doubt to Gunter. Gunter reassured her that everything will be fine. Rosita calls on her phone shortly after and Gunter's ringtone wakes one of Rosita & Norman's children, who asks for candy. Gunter agrees, but the other children go to get candy as well and they become hyper. Gunter loses control of the situation, but eventually gets them to go back to sleep. Rosita and Norman return and see one of the children still in the living room, showing it didn’t go as well as he said it would.

Happy Holidays From Sing

While the Sing cast has fun at an ice rink, Gunter replaces the background music track ("Sleigh Ride") with his holiday-themed dance remix of "Groove Is in the Heart". Everyone on the rink immediately clears space for him to dance, while squids swimming underneath provide a light show. Later he appears lounging on a speaker dragged by Ash while she provides guitar accompaniment. At the end, Gunter poses with the rest of the Sing cast while stripping down to a gold, sparkly speedo.

Sing on Tour

Pre-Show Gunter is impressed with the dancing of one of Rosita's piglets and wants to incorporate the child's moves into their upcoming performance; Rosita is unenthusiastic at the idea of changing their routine at the last minute. Later, Gunter encourages Meena to overcome her stage fright with breathing exercises; Meena ultimately breathes so deeply she blows him away with her trunk exhalations.


From Sing

"Ja, the two of us, together! Are you joking me? We're going to be spicy, no?"
— Gunter, when Buster Moon partners him up with Rosita

"Bah! Are you joking me? You are just in need of, like, a super cool warm-up. Come on! Let's take off these clothes!"
— Gunter

"Ah, don't you look so worried face! I've got one for you, too!"
— Gunter, offering Rosita a small red unitard

"Is this a part of the competition?"
— Gunter, moments after the power goes out at the Moon Theater

"Don't you worry, Rosita. I have glow sticks."
— Gunter, after the power goes out

"...That total super jerk dinkle-shplat!"
— Gunter, assisting Rosita with a name for Lance after his actions against Ash

"Oh yes, I'm fine, thank you. How are you?"
— Gunter, inadvertently answering a question to Buster Moon intended for Rosita, who tripped

"Ugh! Counting, schmounting! She sings too much with her head, right? ... Ja, ja, see? Forget the steps and just like, let the music take control of your body parts."
— Gunter, helping Rosita

"Rosita! Super cool! You've, like, totally come back!"
— Gunter, when Rosita came back after she mastered her dancing at Roc's

"Ja! I'm, like, totally ready!"
— Gunter, while he and Rosita prepare for their performance

"Yeah! All right! Piggy power!"
— Gunter, after his and Rosita's performance of "Shake It Off"

From Gunter Babysits

"I insist to Rosita, I'm known as like the very best babysitter."
— Gunter

"This will be as easy as düsselberry pie. I will prove to you, okay? Trust Gunter."
— Gunter reassuring Rosita that he can handle babysitting her kids

"Hello, tiny piglet. Mommy will be back soon. Uncle Gunter is here in the meantime, so go back to sleep. (Laughs nervously)"
— Gunter to one of Rosita and Norman's children

"Yeah. I told you, it's easy as düsselberry pie."
— Gunter pretending that the night went smoothly

"Same time next week?"
— Gunter asking if he can still babysit

From Sing 2

"Yeah, well, Mama always said, "Gunter, you're not as stupid as your papa.""
— Gunter to Buster after Jimmy Crystal accepted the sci-fi musical idea

"Oh, we've no clue of what we're going to do in the end."
— Gunter, when Rosita asks how Out of This World ends

"Maybe it's like room service? (Wolf bodyguard: Open up or you're dead, Moon!) Okay, it's not room service."
— Gunter, when Jimmy's bodyguards bang on their hotel room door

""A little"? You were like a total drama queen back there."
— Gunter to Porsha, when she said she overreacted a little

"Gunter Robot activating piggy power! Beep beep boop boop!"
— Gunter in a robotic voice before starting the show



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