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"You really think I'd let a lowlife little amateur loser like you humiliate me?!"
— Jimmy during his first attempt to kill Buster Moon

Jimmy Crystal is a male Arctic wolf and the main antagonist of Sing 2. He is voiced by Bobby Cannavale.


Jimmy is an adult Arctic wolf with blue eyes. He wears a shiny black suit and a white collared shirt with a white handkerchief in its pocket. His suit is buttoned up at his waist but sometimes unbuttoned. He is also wearing two neckties: one is pure black,[1] and the other is red magenta and patterned with gold guitar picks with his initial (C) on them.[2] At the end of the movie, he wears a loosened dark blue tie but ends up straightening it. He is wearing shiny black pants with polished black leather suit shoes.


Jimmy is best described as hard-nosed and overzealous, in which case, will do whatever it takes to make big shows. He is also a tough crowd pleaser as he is never very easy to satisfy. Crystal was also shown to be menacing and threatening when he urges someone to do something quickly. After his daughter was "fired", his personality descends into a sadistic, short-tempered, and unhinged side of his personality. He absolutely hates being made a fool of and anyone objecting to his authority in any way. When he learns that Buster Moon tricked and lied to him, he is justifiably angry, but takes it too far when he tries to drop Buster from the top floor of his building, only stopping to address a media appointment to save face, but continuing to hold a grudge against Buster. He orders his men to find him, when Buster is freed by Suki, so he can dispose of him. He becomes more enraged when his daughter, Porsha stood up to him and refused to listen to him during the performance. He begins to lose his sanity and eventually tries to kill Buster again by throwing him off the stage scaffolding to his death. However, he never gave a thought that he inadvertently exposed his actions as well as his true, sadistic personality right in front of the audience who were watching the show, which lead to his arrest.

He is also shown to be a rather distant, albeit nepotistic parent, giving his daughter, Porsha, whatever she wants and paying more attention to his job. Even worse, he displayed caring more about his own professional image and reputation than the feelings of his upset daughter, that he blamed her for "getting fired" and how that would make him look to the public (even though Porsha wasn't actually fired and it was only a misunderstanding). He did call out a "good night" to Porsha before going to bed, only to call her a spoiled brat when she didn't respond, immediately thinking she was giving him the silent treatment (because Porsha wasn't there to answer him as she'd left the house without her father knowing), but the fact he didn't even check on her shows Crystal didn't spare a thought to his daughter's feelings or even her well-being.

Jimmy displayed an appreciation for the finer things in life, shown by the extravagance and decor of his office and his home, a not-so-subtle demonstration of showing off his wealth, along with the aesthetic designs of his media empire as well as his hotel. His wealth (and perhaps all his hard work) has given Crystal a massive (and fragile) ego and a dangerous sense of self-entitlement, as he murderously stated to Buster right before his attempt to kill him, "Oh, I can do whatever I want!", and possessing no shame or remorse for his misdeeds or crimes, as he attempted to claim the credit for the show Buster and his friends had performed, only to be humiliated yet again and then arrested.


Sing 2

While looking for new talent, Jimmy meets Buster Moon and his friends, who claim they can get retired rock star Clay Calloway to perform in his show. After the performance of Moon and his associates, Suki ultimately has Jimmy arrested for committing an attempted murder on Moon during the performance.


— Jimmy, unimpressed with the first audition, hits the buzzer

"Where's the next group, Jerry? Why am I standing here waiting? Be useful or be gone, okay?"
— Jimmy, to Jerry

""Ordinary" and "school". Two words I will never be associated with."
— Jimmy to Buster Moon and his troupe after cutting their audition

"I need big shows, Jerry. Big ideas!"
— Jimmy, unsatisfied with the auditions he's seen

"Are you telling me you-you got Clay Calloway's permission to use his song? (Buster: Well, what if I told you I did?) Ah. Okay, so what, you got some kind of personal connection to this guy? (Buster: How else would I get it?)"
— Jimmy asking Buster about using one of Clay Calloway's songs and if he knows him

"Wait, if you know him, then you could get him in the show, right? Oh, that'd be huge for me. Huge."
— Jimmy, thinking the show would be huge if Clay Calloway is in the show

"I'll give you three weeks, Moon, to get this show up and running."
— Jimmy, giving Buster and his troupe the greenlight for the show

"Hey, one last thing. Don't you ever do nothing to make me look bad! You got that? (Buster: Oh, I will never let that happen, sir!) You better not, or I'll throw you off the roof!"
— Jimmy threatening Buster

"Hey, Moon, do you really think the mommy pig's gonna pull this off?"
— Jimmy asking Buster if Rosita can do the harness stunt, much to Norman's surprise

"Moon, come on. Let her do the thing."
— Jimmy to Buster about letting Porsha do the harness stunt

"Nobody makes me look bad. No one!"
— Jimmy to Buster

"He fired my daughter? My daughter?! (Porsha cries) Would you be quiet?! You’ve embarrassed me enough! (Porsha: But, daddy…) Now, the whole world thinks I have a talentless loser for a daughter! Take her home! (Porsha is still crying as his bodyguard escorts her home) Bring me Moon!"
— Jimmy hearing about Porsha's misunderstanding about Buster firing her, deriding her for leading Buster into doing so, and then ordering his bodyguard to take her home

"You fired Porsha. (Buster: No. No, I never fired her.) You calling her a liar? (Buster: No, no, no, no, she just got it wrong, is all. I was only trying to help her do the best she could, and be-believe me, I-I-I just wanted to do the right thing.) The right thing to do... (Grabs Buster by the shirt) IS WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO!"
— Jimmy confronting Buster

"Good night, Porsha. (Unbeknownst to Jimmy, Porsha is not in her room) Alright, be that way. I don’t care. Spoiled little brat."
— Jimmy passive-aggressively saying goodnight to Porsha without the knowledge that she had been recruited by Miss Crawly to perform again

"(Jerry: Mr. Crystal!) Ah! Jerry! (Raul: I tried to stop him, sir.) (Jerry: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry to wake you up, sir! It's Moon! He's taken over the theater and putting on a show up right now!) He's WHAAAAAT?!"
— Jimmy furiously learns from Jerry that Buster is putting on his show at the Crystal Theater behind his back, getting out of bed, nude causing Jerry to scream like a little girl

"(Pig chauffer: Uh, we'll be at the theater soon, sir.) I don't wanna be there soon, I wanna be there NOW!"
— Jimmy furiously telling the pig chauffer to drive faster to the Crystal Tower Theater

"Hey, who the heck are you? Where's my security? (Big Daddy: We’re security now, mate.) What?"
— Jimmy when being prevented by Big Daddy and his gang from entering the Crystal Tower Theater

"Porsha! (Porsha spots her father backstage) Get off of there! Don’t you make me come out there!"
— Jimmy spotting his daughter playing her Out of This World number

"You traitor. That’s it! I’m coming out there!"
— Jimmy upset about his daughter's decision to join in with Buster illegally playing his Out of This World performance at the Crystal Theater, before falling through a trapdoor by Buster

"(Buster: Miss Crawly put some cushions and snacks down there, so you should be comfortable til the show's over.) YOU LITTLE...!"
— Jimmy, after falling into a trapdoor and closed up by Buster

"I'm trapped somewhere under the stage, you idiot!"
— Jimmy to Jerry about his location, trapped under the stage

"I've got you now, you lowlife little loser! (Buster: No, sir. I'm not a loser. We did what we came here to do. And there's nothing you can do or say to change that.) Oh, I can do whatever I want!"
— Jimmy's mental breakdown before his final attempt to kill Buster Moon by throwing him off of the catwalk

"Thank you, thank you! You're too kind! I appreciate it, really, I-I do! Look, I am very proud of this show! We did great work here, great work! And my good friend Clay, great to have him back, right? (Audience cheering) Yeah! And listen, I look forward to seeing this show run in my theater, for many, many years to come. Right, Moon? (Jimmy notices that Buster Moon and his friends had already left) Moon?"
— Jimmy Crystal's last words, before he gets arrested for attempted murder


  • Jimmy Crystal's outfit, size, and body type are similar to those of Gru from the Despicable Me franchise.