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"Look Dad, I....I'm sorry. But I just don't want to be in your gang. I wanna be a singer."
— Johnny talking to his dad during a prison visit to the latter

Johnny is a male British-accented mountain gorilla[3] who is one of the main characters of the movie Sing.

He is voiced by Taron Egerton.


Johnny is an anthropomorphic mountain gorilla with brown eyes and black fur. He is taller than most of his fellow contestants and has a muscular build. He wears a black leather jacket, a green undershirt with a yellow lightning bolt and stars, blue jeans, and dark blue shoes.

In Happy Holidays From Sing, Johnny wears brighter blue jeans and a red-and-white striped undershirt beneath his jacket.

In Sing 2 He still wear a black jacket but with a dark green forest undershirt with a orange and black fire flames on the front, with dark blues jeans and still have his dark blue shoes on his feet.


In Sing, Johnny is introduced as a soulful gorilla whose singing voice and passion for music are in direct opposition to his role in his father's bank robbing crew. Deep down, Johnny wants to be a singer but knows that his alpha-male father would disown him if he knew the truth. Though he loves his father, he doesn't want to follow his footsteps in becoming a bank robber, though he's not able to speak his mind in front of him. After receiving a slot in Buster's singing competition, he tries to balance between his piano lessons and driving lessons for the upcoming heist, which leads to the failure of the heist and the subsequent arrest of his father and his crew. When visiting him in prison, he gains the courage to reveal his true ambition, though it leads to Big Daddy disowning him, though Johnny promises to bail him out, showing that he still loves him. This almost leads Johnny to sink to his father's level by stealing the prize money, though he changes his mind upon finding Buster's positive opinion on him, deciding to win the money fairly. After the Moon Theater's destruction, during the show in its ruins, he still misses his father as evidenced during Ash's performance. He is relieved when Big Daddy visit him after breaking out of prison, repentant for his actions to his son, while also proud of him, much to Johnny's happiness, allowing him to carry on with his singing career.



The son of a mobster, Johnny is expected to follow in his father's criminal footsteps. However, his true passion is singing, which he initially doesn't have the confidence to admit to his father due to fear of his father's disapproval.

When he finally decides to take a chance to follow his dream by auditioning for Buster Moon's singing competition, he goes to the audition and sings "Stay With Me". After finishing his audition, he runs past Meena and wishes her good luck. At first, Johnny is passed over in favor of Daniel, but when Buster is unable to talk to the giraffe without a megaphone, he changes his mind. During the competition, Johnny takes every measure to keep his involvement with it a secret from Big Daddy. This causes tension for Johnny as he simultaneously commits himself to relearning the piano and practicing his getaway driving for his father's upcoming heist.

Because the day of the heist coincides with a rehearsal, Johnny leaves his post, his speeding to the Moon Theater causing two cars to collide. Buster finds his performance of "All of Me" fairly lackluster and suggests that he play a backup song, which he admits he hasn't practiced for yet. Unfortunately, he becomes stuck in a traffic jam built up from the earlier car accident. With Johnny's absence, Big Daddy and his gang are caught and arrested.

Visiting Big Daddy in prison, Johnny finally confesses that he wants to be a singer, not a criminal. He is devastated when Big Daddy disowns him, even though Johnny swears to bail him out. At night, Johnny breaks into the Moon Theater to steal Buster's prize money for the bail payment, but has a change of heart after glancing at Buster's callback list and seeing that Buster labeled him a "Natural born singer". Instead, he asks Miss Crawly to give him extra piano lessons.

Johnny's goal to free his dad is dashed when he and the other contestants learn Buster lied about the prize money, shortly before a flood destroys the theater. Afterwards, he tries to visit his father in prison again without success. However, Johnny (along with the other singers, except Mike) finds it in his heart to forgive Buster, and states his desire to perform even without a prize. In order to cheer Buster up, Johnny also tells him that everyone has lost something while doing the competition, using his family troubles as an example. He helps the others build a stage for a show in the theater ruins, while continuing to practice his piano lessons.

In Buster's concert, Johnny is the second to perform after Rosita. He plays the piano while singing his backup song, Elton John's "I'm Still Standing", and pulls off a great performance. His triumph is bittersweet, however, as Johnny is still sad that his bond with his father is beyond repair. He turns out to be wrong when Big Daddy (after seeing him perform on the prison TV) breaks out of his cell and comes to the theater to reconcile with his son and tell Johnny how proud he is of him and apologize to Johnny for selfishly disowning him. With the cops closing in, Big Daddy takes his leave to return to prison, with Johnny promising to visit him often. Johnny, having successfully fulfilled his dream of becoming a singer with his father's approval, attends the grand opening of the New Moon Theater.

Love At First Sight

Johnny is practicing a song on the piano when Miss Crawly's nostalgic daydream is interrupted by Johnny banging on the keys, spooking her, and causing her to fall down. After helping her up, she tells him that that song reminds her of the good old days of romance and dancing, and how she wishes to be young and in love again. Johnny assures her that it's never too late for love and introduces her to online dating. He helps create a profile for her, and is somewhat shocked at how quick it was for people to start sending messages.

Happy Holidays From Sing

Johnny has fun at the ice rink while "Sleigh Ride" plays. After Gunter switches the music track with his holiday dance remix of "Groove Is in the Heart", he pulls Johnny into freshly cleared space on the rink to dance. Johnny then performs a short bit of break-dancing. At the end, Johnny poses with the rest of the Sing cast.

Sing (McDonald's Happy Meal toy promotion)

Johnny is seen briefly ordering a Happy Meal at McDonald's in song form.

Sing on Tour

Mizuki comes across Johnny struggling with a piano to be used in his upcoming performance; attached to his instrument is a device meant to help the piano automatically roll onstage, but it is malfunctioning. Mizuki is able to fix the machine by whacking it a few times with a wrench.


From Sing

"Guys, listen! Stay where you are. The cops are here..."
— Johnny, alerting his father and the gang

"Oi, Dad! Just going out."
— Johnny

"Good luck out there."
— Johnny wishing Meena luck on her audition

"Excuse me, Mr. Moon? For some reason, it says here that I should be playing the piano? Well, I haven't played piano since I was a kid."
— Johnny, to Buster Moon about his selections of songs being played on piano

""Too soft on the corners, Johnny! You're not doing it right, Johnny! Speed up, Johnny! Do it like I showed ya--" AHHH!"
— Johnny imitating his father for criticizing his getaway driving practicing, not knowing he's driving in front of him

"Dad? Oh no, I've run over my dad..."
— Johnny, thinking he accidentally ran his father over during practice with the getaway vehicle

"Dad, wait! I'll get the money! I'll get you out, I promise!"
— Johnny

"Sorry, I didn't mean to. I just... Well, I know it's late, but I could really use some extra piano lessons."
— Johnny, asking Miss Crawly to help improve his piano playing

"Listen, you're not the only one who lost something. We all did. I mean, I lost any chance of ever speaking to my dad again over this show."
— Johnny, trying to cheer up Buster Moon

"Yeah! Of course I will!"
— Johnny, happily promising his dad he will visit him more often

From Love at First Sight

"Oh! Come on, Miss Crawly. It's never too late to romance. Have you ever heard of online dating?"
— Johnny, comforting Miss Crawly

From Sing 2

"Oh, come on. He's having a laugh!"
— Johnny on Klaus Kickenklober's dance lessons

"That bloke absolutely hates me!"
— Johnny after his first day of practice.

"Sorry, I'm late, Mr. Kickenklober. I was practicing all morning, I just lost track of time."
— Johnny, to Klaus Kickenklober being late

"Seriously? Why do you have to be so mean all the time?"
— Johnny to Klaus Kickenklober about his abusive attitude

"Honestly, if you just give me some dance lessons, you would literally be saving my life!"
— Johnny trying to convince Nooshy.

"Mr. Moon, I know someone who can protect us."
— Johnny telling Buster Moon, before calling his dad for protection from Jimmy Crystal


  • He is known as "The Rebel", according to Sing Website.
  • His introduction scene is the first of five.
  • His rehearsal performance of "All of Me" was the fourth of four.
  • His final performance of "I'm Still Standing" was the second of five.
  • He used to play the piano when he was younger.
  • When Big Daddy was training him to corner drift for the heist, the song playing in the getaway truck was "Hold On, We're Going Home" by Drake.
  • Johnny and Meena are the only two major characters that stayed at the Moon Theater overnight, to do something that was important. In Johnny's case, it was to steal the prize money, then receive extra piano lessons after changing his mind. Whereas for Meena, it was to help Buster Moon clean up the theater before Nana Noodleman's arrival.


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