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"Tippy toes! Tippy toes! I don't see your tippy toes!"
— Klaus to Johnny

Klaus Kickenklober is a male proboscis monkey and a minor antagonist in Sing 2. He is Johnny's dance instructor.


Klaus Kickenklober is a proboscis monkey with light red skin and white fur. He wears a blue knit sweater, a blue beret, dark blue pants, and dark blue ballet shoes. He often carries a stick, which he uses to correct his dancers in class.


Klaus is shown to be very strict, abrasive, harsh, and pushes his dancing students to their very limits. While instructing Johnny, he would insult him and be especially critical and even abusive, that Johnny almost quit dancing entirely. Klaus is so proud and arrogant that he judges aspiring dancers so harshly that if he deems them lost causes he'll make his opinion painfully clear, and is certain that there is nothing they can do to prove otherwise.

He showed himself to be petty that he tried to upstage Johnny's performance, only for Johnny to stand back up and prove Klaus wrong.

In the end, Klaus came to respect Johnny and encouraged him with his dancing.


Sing 2

Klaus Kickenklober is a top-class choreographer in Redshore City, where he instructs Johnny in his dance class. Due to Klaus' actions and his inability to teach Johnny effectively, Johnny seeks dance lessons from Nooshy and improves effectively.

During the show, Klaus takes the place of Johnny's performance partner, Ryan, to try to undermine his number, but Johnny beats Klaus with encouragement from Nooshy, Ryan and the other dancers. While accepting defeat, Klaus bows to Johnny, finally giving him his respect.

At Out of This World's showing at The Majestic, Klaus cheers on Johnny and Nooshy, the latter now cast as the former's partner, handing them their respective staffs as they prepare to enter the stage.


"Let's not forget, this is Redshore City, not your little local theater!"
— Klaus to his students

"Thrust, thrust, thrust! You’re not thrusting, Johnny!"
— Klaus to Johnny

"Oh, I thought maybe you had been involved in a terrible accident and we'd never have to see you again, but never mind."
— Klaus, mocking Johnny, when the latter explains why he is late to class

"'Cause only when we suffer...can we be great."
— Klaus, telling Johnny why he's so mean at times

"Places, everyone! Ryan, you'll be playing his opponent in the climax of the scene. Now...let's see if little Johnny has learned the steps."
— Klaus, getting the class, Ryan, and Johnny ready for rehearsal

"Yuck! That is rubbish. So bad!"
— Klaus scolding Johnny

"You think some riffraff street dancer can help you more than me?"
— Klaus, offended by Johnny's offer of Nooshy training him

"Oh, because I, Klaus Kickenklober, master choreographer, am not good enough for Johnny."
— Klaus, mocking Johnny for choosing Nooshy to be his dance coach

"Yes, I'm irrelevant to him. I'm just a stupid, fat, old monkey."
— Klaus, assuming Johnny makes fun of him

"Two days? Ha! 200 years, more like."
— Klaus, scoffing at Nooshy's claim of improving Johnny's dancing in such short time

"Oh, really? Well, if he is, I will eat my hat."
— Klaus, making a deal with Nooshy

"You see? You will never be great, Johnny!"
— Klaus to Johnny