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"Whoa, whoa, I'm just saying; not everyone can write songs, okay? I know I make it look easy, babe... but it's not."
— Lance doubting that Ash can write her own song

Lance is a male porcupine and a supporting character in Sing. He is the ex-boyfriend of Ash and the current boyfriend of Becky.

He is voiced by Beck Bennett.


Lance is an anthropomorphic porcupine with a dark blue and azure striped shirt and a black t-shirt over it, along with jeans and black shoes. He has brown fur, and brown and white quills that are longer than Ash's. He is a little taller than Ash and Becky.


Lance is an arrogant and somewhat egotistical individual. He is shown to be quite unappreciative of Ash, refusing to listen to her viewpoints. Due to his desire to hog the spotlight, he refuses to let Ash sing lead vocals or write any of their songs, holding her back from her true potential as a rock star.

Lance is also an unfaithful partner, happily willing to cheat on his girlfriend.


After the duo fail to land a gig at Harry's Bar, Lance berates Ash for "getting carried away" during their performance. Later, Ash shows him a flyer for a singing competition hosted by Buster Moon with a $100,000 grand prize.

Lance and Ash audition for the contest, but Buster only accepts Ash. She decides to continue participating in the contest, and though Ash insists she wants to win the prize money for them both, Lance accuses her of being a sellout.

The next day, Lance laughs with Ash at the list of cheesy pop songs Buster had given her. Ash decides to write her own song instead, but Lance scoffs at the idea, advising Ash to just listen to the koala if she wants to win the prize money.

Lance's ego and apparent jealously of Ash take a turn for the worse, and one night Ash comes home to find Lance singing Jack White's "Love Interruption" with his new girlfriend, Becky. The two almost kiss before Ash interrupts them. Furious, Ash throws Lance and Becky out of her apartment. Lance tries to blame Ash, saying that she's never around anymore. Ash then slams the door on the two of them, and they leave.

Lance later sings with Becky at Harry's Bar. Ash sees them both performing and runs away upset.

Lance and Becky watch Ash performing "Set It All Free" on the news. Becky turns off the TV, scoffing that Ash wasn't all that good. Lance agrees with her, but after Becky leaves the room, he quickly grabs the remote and turns the TV back on to continue watching.


"It just kind of ruins my song, you know?"
— Lance

"Psh. Let's get outta here, Ash. Ash?"
— Lance, to Ash when the group acts are selected and he's not in the show

"Look, if you wanna win that money, just do what the koala says."
— Lance, advising Ash on how to win the prize money

"Hey, what did you expect? You're never around anymore!"
— Lance after Ash catches him with Becky


His audition with Ash was the tenth of the shown 22.


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