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"Good morning! I'm Linda Le Bon, and have I got some hot news for you. Infamous billionaire Jimmy Crystal has hired an unknown theater producer by the name of Buster Moon."
— Linda, talking about Buster on her TV show, as Nana Noodleman watches from her home

Linda Le Bon is a female horse and a minor character in Sing 2. She is voiced by Julia Davis.


Linda Le Bon is a female horse with orange fur, dark brown eyes with a voluminous, curly fire orange mane and tail. She wears a blonde yellow shirt underneath a white jacket, indigo blue skinny jeans with a tawny brown belt. She also wears a golden necklace, banana yellow high heels and mint green eyeshadow with bright pink lipstick.


Linda is the host of a talk show called "Hot News". She is first shown talking about Jimmy Crystal hiring Buster Moon to produce the theatrical production of Out of This World.

Later, Linda talks about Jimmy's daughter, Porsha, being "fired" from the show, much to the anger of Jimmy.

Just when Jimmy Crystal fails to throw Buster off of the balcony outside his office, Jerry informs him about his guest appearance on Linda's show. He locks Buster in his closet and leaves to be interviewed on "Hot News".

Buster heeds Suki's advice to leave town before Mr. Crystal finds out he escaped, and has everyone meet back at the hotel. The group watches Jimmy Crystal's scathing interview on TV, announcing that Buster's show was cancelled and calling his troupe losers and amateurs.

Linda finds Jimmy Crystal backstage after the conclusion of Out of This World and calls him a genius, to which Jerry agrees, prompting him to go out on stage and take all the credit for the success of Buster's show.


"And the hottest story today: Porsha Crystal was reportedly fired from her father's show."
— Linda, talking about Porsha's "firing" on her TV show

"Here to discuss the drama surrounding his new show...Mr. Redshore City himself...please welcome Mr. Jimmy Crystal. Come on out here, Jimmy. Don't make us beg. (laughs) Does this guy know how to make an entrance or what?"
— Linda, introducing Jimmy Crystal on her show

"Jimmy! Oh, my gosh, listen to that crowd. You are a genius."
— Linda, seeing Mr. Crystal backstage at the conclusion of "Out of This World" and congratulating him


  • Because of her mannerisms, New York accent, and love of celebrities and gossip, it's possible that Linda Le Bon is based on talk show host Wendy Williams.