Love At First Sight is one of the three mini-movies that is featured on the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Sing.


The short begins with Miss Crawly daydreaming about dating a handsome crocodile, when a sudden bang of piano keys abruptly snaps her back into reality. Johnny, who had been practicing the piano, helps the fallen Miss Crawly back up on her feet and she tells him that the song he was playing reminded her of younger days, which were full of romance and dancing, and how she longs to relive those days. Johnny assures her that it's never too late for romance, and introduces her to online dating. After creating an account, both are surprised when numerous guys begin to message her.

Her first date is at the movies with a snake, which starts out well until he begins to coil his tail around her body and tries to give her a kiss, which freaks her out and prompts her to slap him with her purse. Her next date is at Les Calmars with a sheep. He orders massive amounts of food and eats it slovenly while Miss Crawly is given a tiny dish. To make matters worse, he leaves her with the bill and quickly leaves. Her last date is with a bull. At first, Miss Crawly is flattered by his ability to dance, but soon is terrified by his extremely rough and careless dance moves, which ends up leaving her hanging for dear life from a chandelier.

Saddened by her failed attempts at love, Miss Crawly walks downheartedly down the sidewalk before accidentally running into a street light, the force of the impact popping her glass eye out. The glass eye rolls across the street and over to a car belonging to an elderly lizard named Herman who is fixing some decorate lights. Herman picks up her eye and gives it back to her. Miss Crawly thanks him and turns to leave when Herman mentions that it's a wonderful night for moonbathing (a hobby she listed on her online dating profile, coincidentally), which draws Miss Crawly's attention, and she cheerfully agrees. The short ends with the two of them going over to the nearby boardwalk to moonbathe together.



  • This is Miss Crawly's first experience with online dating.
  • Five men are shown to be registered on the dating website:
    • The baboon which Mike swindled in the beginning of SING, with the username "OldyButGoody"
    • An unnamed alligator with the username "DependsOnMe2"
    • Meena's grandfather, with the username "GoldenOldie78"
    • An unnamed chameleon with the username "KarmaChamelon229" (whose username is a reference to the 1983 song "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club)
    • The sheep who auditioned by singing "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal, with an unknown username.
  • When Miss Crawly began to get responses, the three males highlighted said the following regarding her, and got the following match percentage:
    • Baboon: "Your face droops in the most enchanting way..." (50% match)
    • Crocodile: "I could get lost in your eye." (75% match)
    • Meena's grandfather: "I'd love to grow ancient with you.
    • The chameleon's greeting was not shown, but he got a 35% match percentage.


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