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"I don't know, but...I wanna try."
— Meena's reply to being asked if she can sing in front of an audience

Meena is a female elephant who is one of the main characters of the movie Sing.

She is voiced by Tori Kelly.


Meena is an anthropomorphic female elephant. She has light grey skin with light freckles on her cheeks, green eyes and two small tufts of brown hair tied into pigtails with pink bands. Her ears are depicted as quite expressive, folding in towards her face when she’s shy and folding outwards when she’s more confident.

In the first film she wears a light blue hoodie with white lines on the sleeves, blue jeans, and pink and white sneakers. During her performance of “Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" she wears a purple long sleeved knee length dress with white shoes and blue hair-ties.

In the sequel her hoodie is now pink, with a palm tree logo embroidered on the left side of the chest and on the back in dark pink, and her sneakers are now blue and white. She retains the same jeans.


In Sing, Meena is depicted as a sweet, timid, and soft-spoken teenage elephant with an amazingly beautiful singing voice, and she does in fact love to sing. She suffers from immense stage-fright, often covering the sides of her face with her ears (much like hiding behind one's hair) whenever this fright or her shyness gets to her. Due to this, she isn't able to openly sing. However, she does so when alone (or at least when she doesn't make any eye contact with anybody). At the end of the film, she overcomes her stage fright, after some encouraging words from Buster, enough for her to sing in front of a huge crowd.



Meena is introduced giving a cake to her grandfather while the rest of her family sing "Happy Birthday to You". When she joins in at the end, her grandfather claims that he'd be a superstar if he had a voice like hers. The timid Meena just tells him to blow out his candles.

When her family suggests she audition for a singing competition hosted by Buster Moon, she halfheartedly gives it a try, intending to audition with "Chandelier". But when finally onstage, she freezes before finally being shooed offstage by Mike. Her grandfather puts his foot down and tells her to give a real effort and demand another chance from Buster. Meena's shyness and miscommunication with Buster leads to him giving her a job as a stagehand; which she picks up her instructions fast and helps Buster run the stage well. After coming home, she shyly tells everyone that she technically made it in the show

When Nana Noodleman is to come for a private rehearsal, Buster, needing more performers due to some of them either quitting or being injured, convinces Meena to participate in the show and encourages her by telling her his father's advice - Don't let fear stop you from doing the thing you love most. However, everything goes wrong during the rehearsal, as Buster's lies about the prize money are exposed, and the Moon Theater is destroyed. Meena is distraught, but she and the other participants attempt to cheer up Buster and even go on with the show anyway. But Buster, despondent and finally given up, turns them all down. Meena, the last to leave, reminds him of the advice he gave her, but Buster lashes out at her, hurting her feelings.

While Buster relegates himself to a life of car-washing, Meena returns to the remains of the theater, fantasizes of what it would have been like to perform, and starts singing "Hallelujah", attracting Buster's attention. When he asks her if she thinks she can sing in front of a real audience, Meena still doubts herself but states she wants to try, and she smiles when Buster says he wants to see her perform.

The performers, including Meena, set up a makeshift, but workable open-air theater, and the show turns out spectacular. When it's finally Meena's turn, she freezes, but her friends and Buster all give her their support and encouragement. Initially, Meena starts off soft and afraid but is able to finally sing with the passion she's kept buried inside and performs her loud and spectacular number, "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing". She is also seen cheering on the other performers, and at the end of the movie, she attends the grand reopening of the Moon Theater.

Happy Holidays From Sing

Meena and her grandfather have fun at an ice rink while "Sleigh Ride" plays. When Gunter replaces the music track with his holiday-themed dance remix of "Groove Is in the Heart", she happily dances with her grandfather. At the end, she poses with the rest of the Sing cast.

Sing on Tour

Pre-Show Meena stands in front of a mirror, attempting to boost her self-confidence for her upcoming performance. When she fails, Gunter encourages her to take deep breathing exercises. After three deep inhalations, he instructs Meena to breath out, and is promptly blown away by her trunk exhalations.


"Uh, Mr. Moon? My name is Meena, and I baked a cake for you and, uh, I was wondering if you'd, maybe, give me a second chance to..."
— Meena, to Buster Moon requesting to re-audition

"I can sing, but I get so scared."
— Meena

"I can't move! I'm terrified!"
— Meena, upon learning it is her turn to perform in the final show


  • Meena is known as "The Teenager" according to the Sing Website.
  • She and the alpaca are the only known contestants to flub their audition.
  • Her introduction scene is the fourth of five.
  • Her performance of "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" was the fifth and final.
  • Meena and Johnny are the only two major characters that stayed at the Moon Theater overnight, to do something that was important. For Meena it was to help Buster Moon clean up the theater before Nana Noodleman arrived. Whereas in Johnny's case it was to steal the prize money, then receive extra piano lessons after his change of heart.
  • When Meena returns home to her neighbors cheering for her, one of them is holding a large graduation picture of her, indicating that she has indeed graduated from High school.


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