If I had a voice like Meena's, I'd be superstar by now! Just singin', oooooo-yeah!

–Meena's grandfather


Meena's grandfather is an unnamed male elephant who is a supporting character in the movie Sing.

He is voiced by Jay Pharoah.


Meena's grandfather is an elephant who is gray in color. He wears a green suit covering a white shirt and a red necktie. He wears glasses and uses a walking cane to move around.

In Happy Holidays From Sing, he wears a top hat with a sprig of holly on it, and a version of his suit that is a more vibrant shade of green. He also holds a different walking cane that's striped like a candy cane.


Meena's grandfather is pushy and tough with her, frequently demanding that she come out of her shell. Despite his brusque attitude, he truly cares about Meena and wants her to be happy doing what she loves: singing.



Meena's grandfather is introduced celebrating his birthday with Meena and the rest of their family. He loves listening to her rendition of "Happy Birthday to You", and wishes she would overcome her stage fright and join a choir or a band. She responds by telling him to blow out his birthday candles.

He and his daughter show Meena a flyer for Buster Moon's singing contest; she halfheartedly applies. When her audition begins, her anxiety gets the better of her and she ultimately bombs. A cross grandfather finally puts his foot down, demanding that Meena return to Mr. Moon and demand a second chance. After her meeting with Buster, Meena comes home to an exuberant crowd of family and neighbors; all are ecstatic to learn was given a part in the show. However, Meena is unable to tell them she was accepted as a stagehand.

After the Moon Theater is destroyed, Meena's family console her while watching the news coverage. When Buster decides to throw a concert in the theater's ruins, Meena's family are among the first audience members to arrive; her grandfather proudly displays a "Meena Rules!" sign. After watching the other singers perform, the family proudly watch Meena perform "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing".

At the end of the movie, Meena and her family attend the grand opening of the New Moon Theater with the other singers.

Happy Holidays From Sing

Meena helps her grandfather skate on an ice rink while "Sleigh Ride" plays. When Gunter replaces the music track with his holiday-themed dance remix of "Groove Is in the Heart", Meena and her grandfather cheer as he dances. They happily skate together before she poses with the rest of the Sing crew, her grandfather cheering them on.


That's my birthday wish coming true right there!

–Meena's grandfather upon learning that she has "kind of" been given a part in the show



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