Has anyone seen my glass eye? The darn thing keeps popping out.

Miss Crawly


Miss Crawly is a female iguana who is one of the secondary tritagonists of the movie Sing. She also stars in the Sing home release-exclusive short "Love At First Sight".

She is voiced by director Garth Jennings.


Miss Crawly is an anthropomorphic iguana with a long tail. Her right eye is made of glass which often falls out. She wears a yellow dress with dark yellow flowers and white shoes. She also wears a green cap.


Miss Crawly is a caring person who tries to work as best she can, although she tends to make mistakes due to her age and constantly loses her glass eye in various ways. When she does something wrong she gets really sad and feels bad for her actions, even to the point of crying sometimes, worrying about being fired. She enjoys working for Buster Moon, sticking by him through everything, even after the theater is destroyed, comforting Buster when everything he'd worked and fought for was in pieces.

She is a capable music teacher, as she personally tutored Johnny in playing the piano to prepare him for his number.


Miss Crawly has been Buster's assistant for an unknown number of years.


From Sing

Good morning, Mr. Moon. I've got Judith from the bank on line two.

Miss Crawly

Oh, Mr. Moon, I've got Judith from the bank holding on line two again.

Miss Crawly

What are you gonna do, Mr. Moon?

–Miss Crawly, to Buster when Judith will soon be repossessing the Moon Theater if he doesn't pay

Has anyone seen my glass eye? The darn thing keeps popping out.

Miss Crawly

Yes, that was very bad.

–Miss Crawly commenting on Johnny's piano playing skills.

Johnny, your jacket is talking.

–Miss Crawly, when Big Daddy calls Johnny on the walkie-talkie.

Oh, it's not as bad as it looks. Oopsie-daisy.

–Miss Crawly, moments after falling through the stage

Has anyone seen my glass eye?

–Miss Crawly, after the theater flood.

From Love at First Sight

Oh, it's that song, Johnny. Takes me back to dancing and romancing.

–Miss Crawly, reminiscing of her youth as Johnny plays the piano


  • Her glass eyeball was made in China.
  • Miss Crawly is the first female character in an Illumination film to be voiced by its director.


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Miss Crawly - Concept Render

Miss Crawly - Concept Render

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