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"Has anyone seen my glass eye? The darn thing keeps popping out."
— Miss Crawly

Miss Crawly is a female iguana and supporting protagonist of the movie Sing. She also stars in the Sing home release-exclusive short Love At First Sight.

She is voiced by director Garth Jennings.


Miss Crawly is an anthropomorphic iguana with spines from her head to her long tail. She is predominantly green scaled, with white scales on her wrinkly throat. She also wears pink lipstick. Miss Crawly's left eye is green, while her right eye is made of brown-colored glass and often falls out. She wears a green cap, a yellow dress with dark yellow flowers, and white shoes. When dating the bull in Love At First Sight, Miss Crawly wears a white and pink dress hat with dark pink feathers and brim, a matching pink feathered boa, and an iridescent purple dress.

In Christmas-themed TV Spots, Miss Crawly wears a Santa hat, a plaid dress that resembles wrapping paper, and a red present bow.


Miss Crawly is a caring person who enjoys working for Buster Moon as best she can. She is intensely loyal to her employer and sticks by him even after the destruction of the Moon Theater. She is also a capable music teacher, as demonstrated by her successful tutoring of Johnny after Buster insists that he play the piano. However, Miss Crawly often makes mistakes, either due to her age or because her glass eye pops out at the worst times. She also reacts badly when she gets something wrong, worrying about being fired despite Buster's obvious reluctance to do so.



Miss Crawly served Buster Moon for an unknown number of years, and was notably present when a younger Buster inherited and opened the Moon Theater. Even as the theater fell into hard times, she happily worked for him as other employees complained about bounced checks. When Buster decided to host a singing competition in a last-ditch effort to save his theater, Miss Crawly designed the flyers advertising the event. However, her glass eye popped out and bounced on the keyboard twice, adding two extra zeroes to the promised $1,000 prize. Distracted with grabbing her eye, Miss Crawly failed to notice the printed flyers had a typo. While she intended to distribute them throughout the city, a sudden gust of air from her fan did Miss Crawly's work for her.

The next day, Miss Crawly notified Buster that a huge line of hopeful contestants formed outside the Moon Theater. Together, the two judged each audition, and after Buster selected his finalists, Miss Crawly managed backstage affairs along with Meena, a failed contestant. In addition, Miss Crawly would provide piano lessons for Johnny at Buster's request. However, Buster's friend Eddie finally pointed out how the original fliers promised a larger prize than intended. Miss Crawly was horrified at her mistake and terrified of being fired, but Buster instead planned to gather $100,000, eventually settling on persuading Eddie's grandmother Nana Noodleman to donate some of her wealth to the competition. In addition, another mishap with Miss Crawly's glass eye resulted in the contestant Pete becoming badly injured, requiring his hospitalization. Eventually, Buster decided to replace him with Meena.

Though Nana Noodleman had no respect for Buster or Eddie, she agreed to provide more prize money if she was impressed by Buster's planned rehearsal. However, a trio of gangster bears, previously swindled by the contestant Mike, trespassed in the theater and demanded the prize money in exchange for Mike's life. The bears' arrival began a disastrous chain of events that culminated in the Moon Theater's destruction. His spirit crushed, Buster resigned himself to a life of car washing, Miss Crawly remaining his dutiful employee. However, Meena's beautiful singing inspired Buster to take one last shot, and Miss Crawly helped him and his performers construct a stage in the theater's ruins. As each singer carried out a show stopping performance, Miss Crawly looked upon them with pride, particularly Johnny. Among the ecstatic audience was a pleased Nana Noodleman, who funded the reconstruction of the Moon Theater and returned the property to Buster. Miss Crawly was present among those who attended the grand opening of the New Moon Theater.

Love At First Sight

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Happy Holidays From Sing

Miss Crawly has fun at an ice rink while "Sleigh Ride" plays. After Gunter switches the music track with his holiday dance remix of "Groove Is in the Heart", Miss Crawly cheers as he dances. After resuming her skating, Miss Crawly begins to slip on the ice, but Buster Moon catches her in time and happily dances with her. At the end, she poses with the rest of the Sing cast.

Sing (McDonald's Happy Meal toy promotion)

Miss Crawly, working as a McDonald's Drive-Thru window employee, listens to various customers sing their orders and gives them their requested fast food. When Rosita's piglets order their Happy Meals, Miss Crawly suggests that Rosita pop open her car trunk to properly fit all their boxes.


From Sing

"Good morning, Mr. Moon. I've got Judith from the bank on line two."
— Miss Crawly

"Oh, Mr. Moon, I've got Judith from the bank holding on line two again."
— Miss Crawly

"What are you gonna do, Mr. Moon?"
— Miss Crawly, to Buster when Judith threatens to repossess the Moon Theater if he doesn't pay

"Yes, that was very bad."
— Miss Crawly commenting on Johnny's piano playing skills.

"Johnny, your jacket is talking."
— Miss Crawly, when Big Daddy calls Johnny on the walkie-talkie.

"Oh, it's not as bad as it looks. Oopsie-daisy."
— Miss Crawly, moments after falling through the stage

"Has anyone seen my glass eye?"
— Miss Crawly, after the theater flood.

From Love at First Sight

"Oh, it's that song, Johnny. Takes me back to dancing and romancing. Oh, to be young again."
— Miss Crawly, reminiscing of her youth as Johnny plays the piano

"Online... No, what's that?"
— Miss Crawly, unfamiliar with online dating

"Oh! Moonbathing. (Johnny: Moonbathing?) Oh, yes, it's like sunbathing, but at night. Wonderful for the skin."
— Miss Crawly, describing one of her hobbies

"Oh, my! Looks like the old gal's still got it."
— Miss Crawly on the fast responses she received from her online dating profile

From Sing 2

"Oh, very good, Mr. Moon. So far, I counted nine smiles, two belly laughs, and five chuckles. Though the last one could've just been gas."
— Miss Crawly telling Buster about the crowd, including Suki Lane enjoying the show of Alice In Wonderland

"Uh, well, you did say "dress to impress"."
— Miss Crawly, to Buster Moon about her new outfit on the bus

"You can't go back there, Mr. Moon! That lion, he's crazy! Crazy! Pew. Pew, pew."
— Miss Crawly, telling Buster not to go to Clay Calloway's house after he scared her off his property

"Mason! That volcano should've been finished yesterday! (Mason: We're on it, Miss Crawly!) You better be!"
— Miss Crawly ordering Mason to finish production

From Sing (McDonald's Happy Meal toy promotion)

"Oh, very nice! Wanna pop the trunk?"
— Miss Crawly to Rosita


  • Miss Crawly's glass eye was made in China.
  • Miss Crawly is the first female character in an Illumination film to be voiced by its director.


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