Oh, do not even think of embracing me.

–Nana Noodleman, rejecting a hug from Buster Moon.


Nana Noodleman is a female black Suffolk sheep who is a supporting character in the movie Sing. She is a retired actress.

She is voiced by Jennifer Saunders, and her younger self is voiced by Jennifer Hudson.


Nana Noodleman is an anthropomorphic black Suffolk sheep. She wears a purple dress and purple transparent sleeves and purple head bands with a purple gem and pink feathers. She has a purple feather fan. She also has a pink necklace. She wears gold earrings as well as three gold bracelets on her arms.


A grand old dame of the theater, Nana Noodleman fondly remembers her glory days as a theater actress, holding the theater where she used to perform sacred, a place of wonder and magic.

However, she has a snobbish and irritable side to her. Even her grandson, Eddie, considers her to be "one mean sheep".

Nana has a clear dislike of Buster Moon, considering him a charlatan who has failed to make the theater as beloved as it was back in her day, and even refuses to help him in any way shape or form. However, she accepts to view a private screening of his singing competition, albeit as she claims she has nothing better to do other than to play checkers with her butler. She entertains the idea of providing the prize money if she is impressed, only to ultimately witness the bears' interruption and the theater's literal downfall and leaves while giving Buster a piercing look of fury.

Despite her stubbornness and snooty demeanor however, Nana attends the show Buster and his singers put together and after a successful performance by all of them, Nana not only joins in the applause but gives a congratulatory smile to Buster from the audience, despite having to pull a quill from Ash from her hair.

Nana became a kind and thoughtful person when she buys the theater property and restores it, attending the grand re-opening with Eddie, and has clearly come to respect Buster and appreciate his own love for theater is equal to, if not greater than, her own.


Nana Noodleman is the considerably wealthy grandmother of Eddie, and a retired theater actress and singer, having performed at the same theater Buster Moon grew up to own and run, and she is partly the reason Buster fell in love with theater.


Oh, lucky me. If it wasn't for my useless grandson and his ghastly little theater friend.

–Nana Noodleman

Please, this flattery is futile. I have no intention of bailing you out. Your pathetic shows are the reason that theater no longer has an audience.

–Nana Noodleman

They were not good old days, Mr. Moon. They were magnificent. And that theater of yours, it was a palace of wonder and magic.

–Nana Noodleman

But anything's better than spending another evening playing checkers with this old fart.

–Nana Noodleman

Oh, do not even think of embracing me.

–Nana Noodleman, rejecting a hug from Buster Moon.

Oh, for heaven's sakes, I'm perfectly capable of walking.

–Nana Noodleman



  • Nana Noodleman is Eddie's maternal grandmother, through her daughter.
  • Her husband is never seen or mentioned; therefore it is likely that they are either divorced or he is deceased.
    • In separate scenes, Buster and Mike were both surprised to hear that Nana is still alive.
  • One of her most famous performances in the musical "Epiphany" is shown in the very beginning of the movie. She is seen singing "Golden Slumbers". This is what led the then-6-year-old Buster Moon to have a passion for theater.
  • She and Buster Moon met at Eddie's graduation.
  • She was a witness of the destruction of the Moon Theater, along with her grandson, Eddie.
  • She usually plays checkers with her butler to pass the time.
  • She has also been in a performance called "Grand Cabaret" according to a poster in Buster Moon's office.


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