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"I knew you were a weirdo!"
— Nooshy to Johnny

Nooshy is a female Canada lynx and one of the main characters in Sing 2.
She is voiced by Letitia Wright.[1]


Nooshy is a lanky Canada lynx with brown eyes, light gray fur, and dark gray spots. Her outfit consists of a green sweater with pink and yellow accents, black trousers with yellow and orange triangle patterns, green and white striped socks, red boots, and a gold hoop nose ring.


Nooshy is a free-spirited feline who loves to dance, although she also enjoys using her talent to earn some extra cash. She was quite skeptical when Johnny asked for her help and became so suspicious that she suspected him of being a weirdo, but when he demonstrated his singing skills, Nooshy's opinion changed drastically to the point that she helped the gorilla to improve. She also doesn't like to be put down, as indicated by her facial expressions, when Klaus is patronizing the lynx. Nooshy later takes pleasure in mocking the arrogant primate when Johnny shows his incredible progress in such a short time.

Despite her rather lonely attitude at first, Nooshy quickly became friends with Johnny and acted as a good dance teacher throughout the practice sessions, emphasizing passion over perfection. She gasped when she first entered the studio and quickly praised everything she saw. When Johnny got knocked down one too many times by Klaus, Nooshy encouraged her friend to get up and prove his worth, showing that she cares a lot about even her most recent friends. She also turned out to be a Clay Calloway fan.


Sing 2

Nooshy first appears in Redshore City, dancing for a cheerful crowd with her acrobatic dance moves. Once she is done, Nooshy begins to collect the money given to her by the admirers. Johnny, having lost confidence in himself, because of Klaus' strict teaching, and who observed the performance, approaches the feline to ask her if they can go talk elsewhere. Nooshy isn't interested until a police officer demands to see her license, causing her to change her mind.

In a restaurant, Nooshy is served to her delight, a volcano ice cream smoothie while Johnny asks her if she can give him dance lessons because his dance trainer for the musical show called "Out of This World", Klaus Kickenklober, puts too much pressure on him to the point that he considers Klaus a weirdo. Suspicious, Nooshy begins to suspect that Johnny might also be a weirdo and rejects his offer to accompany him backstage to prove it as she's not following a guy she doesn't know. Desperate, Johnny starts singing "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back", at first to Nooshy's disbelief then seeing that everyone is following Johnny's pace, she releases her suspicion, calling him weirdo in the good meaning of the term.

In the studio, Nooshy is totally amazed by the immensity of the place and what takes place there. The meeting with Klaus does not go very well, the proboscis monkey being offended that Johnny sees to be personally trained by a "riffraff". Easily annoyed by Klaus' arrogance, Nooshy claims she can train Johnny in just two days, prompting Klaus to promise that he will eat his own hat if that happens.

Dragging Johnny into a silo parking, Nooshy encourages the gorilla to stay relaxed, take it step by step, and forget everything Klaus has told him. The more balanced and rewarding method of the lynx allows Johnny to progress at a faster pace than before, as well as for the movements and the choreography, much to the annoyance of Klaus, that Nooshy has fun provoking him by reminding him that he had sworn to eat his hat.

Later, Nooshy accompanies Johnny and his friends to their hotel room and like them, she is amazed to see former rock star Clay Calloway open the door. Right after, the gang flees, literally jumping out the window after entertainment mogul Jimmy Crystal sends his minions on their trail. Landing first in the swimming pool river, they escape the security guards and infiltrate the studio during the evening, still determined to make the musical spectacle, even under Crystal's nose.

Nooshy actively participates in the final details of "Out of This World", also meeting Johnny's father who came at his son's request to keep Crystal at bay. Shortly before the first Johnny-centric show called Planet of War, Nooshy assures the gorilla that he's going to get there. When Klaus infiltrates Planet of War and brings Johnny to the ground, Nooshy encourages Johnny to get up by tapping in musical rhythm on a metal bucket, giving him confidence and beating Klaus while earning his respect. The young lynx thereafter continues to watch the rest of "Out of This World" with passion until the end.

"Out of this World" having a runaway summer and Crystal arrested for attempting to assassinate Buster Moon, the gang begins the return trip to Calatonia by bus, with Nooshy and Johnny relaxing while listening to music together. Suddenly, Crystal's former assistant, Suki, stops the bus to tell the gang that the Majestic Place wants to produce their show, which they all agree to without hesitation.

At the big opening night of "Out of this World" at the Majestic Place, Nooshy is this time, part of the cast as Johnny's partner.


"Actually, I'd love a chat. Let's go."
— Nooshy to Johnny, trying to evade an officer

"How do I know that you're not a weirdo? Hmm? How do I know that you're legit?"
— Nooshy to Johnny, after he calls Klaus Kickenklober a weirdo

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm not just gonna follow some guy I don't know to rehearsal."
— Nooshy, skeptical of Johnny's story

"Whoa, this is sick!"
— Nooshy, reacting to being on set

"Pleased to meet ya. I'm Nooshy, I'm his dance coach, and I really love that hat."
— Nooshy, introducing herself to a stagehand

"You're not ready to be busting out these moves."
— Nooshy to Johnny, after he attempts one of her parkour moves and fails

"Look at you! Klaus has thrown you in the deep end and drained out your confidence, like (makes a weirded out face)."
— Nooshy, attempting to help Johnny lighten up

"Now, didn't you say you were gonna eat your hat? Well, here you go. Mmm! Yum yum!"
— Nooshy, to Klaus Kickenklober, reminding him of their deal with Johnny

"You've got this, big guy. Remember what I said-- just go with the flow."
— Nooshy, to Johnny, just before he goes onstage for the Planet of War number


  • Nooshy was originally named Vivace during production.
  • She is the only major character who does not sing in the whole movie.


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