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Pete is a male camel who auditioned to be part of Buster Moon's singing competition in Sing.


Pete is a camel with light brown fur. He wears a red plaid shirt covered by denim overalls. He also wears brown boots, a black flat cap, a yellow necktie, and carries a brown satchel.


Pete appears very excitable about his singing career.



Pete auditions to be a part of the singing competition, seen singing opera and holding a very long note. He was selected to be part of the single acts, but was later knocked out when he was accidentally struck in the head with a part of the stage. He was carried off in an ambulance and did not return to be part of the competition. He appears to have recovered later, as he is seen attending the performance and the grand reopening of the Moon Theater.

Come Home

Pete reappears in a cameo in Come Home. When Angie leaves the hospital, Pete can be seen in the reception area.


"Oh, yeah!"
— Pete after being chosen for the show

"You got it, Mr. Moon!"
— Pete after being given his backstage room


  • Pete and the alpaca are the only contestants to not sing a known song; Pete is only heard holding a long, opera-esque note.
  • He is the only act in the show to have to quit due to injury.


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