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"She's afraid. She'll never be able to play the part. But here I am, and I'm young, and I'm not afraid at all."
— Porsha volunteering to take Rosita's part

Porsha Crystal is a female Arctic-gray wolf and one of the main characters in Sing 2. She is voiced by Halsey.


Porsha is a tall Arctic-gray wolf with yellow eyes and bluish-grey and white fur. She wears purple sunglasses, a dark blue jacket with multicolored accents, yellow trousers, grey and white sneakers, and a blue vintage t-shirt with Clay Calloway's face on the front.

For Out of This World, she wears a green alien costume with dark green spots, eyes sprouting out the top of the head, and six arms - it was initially designed to fit Rosita, so the extra arms are much shorter and are located on her shoulders and under her arms, the legs were cut out and matching green leggings are worn underneath, and she also wears dark green knee-length high heeled boots and elbow length green gloves, with green lipstick and eyeshadow.


Porsha appears to be quite adventurous, as she is seen eagerly volunteering to perform a dangerous stunt in Rosita's place,and is shown to be quite a skilled aerialist and singer, although is later shown to be an awful actress. She is also shown to be rather spoiled, with her voice actor Halsey calling her “awful”, as her father appears to give her whatever she wants, including Rosita's lead role in Out of This World, due in part to both Rosita being too afraid of heights to complete the stunts and Porsha having a dream the previous night where she performed for everyone, convincing her she’s better for the role. She doesn’t particularly take the job seriously either as she shows up late to rehearsal after shopping.

She's a drama-queen and can jump to her own conclusions, leading to misunderstandings, such as when Buster says he needs to give the lead back to Rosita and offers her to switch roles Porsha freaks out and thinks he’s firing her and storms out while assuming everyone hates her.

She is also shown to be a bit ditzy, such as pronouncing "sci-fi" as "sky-fi" and not knowing what a captain's log is.

However, despite her spoiled nature, she does have some empathy and consideration for others.

She also seems eager to please her father and get his attention, who only spoils her due to not really showing any interest in her other than an extension of his ego. Her wanting the lead role could be interpreted as wanting to impress her father, and why she may have overreacted to Buster asking her to switch roles. She’s shown to be heartbroken over Jimmy scolding her for making him look bad for being "fired", making her realize her father doesn’t really care about her. She also seems to be aware of how violent he can be when he doesn’t get his way, as when she returns to the studio she warns everyone that none of them are safe from his wrath.

In the end, she rejoins the gang and apologizes for overreacting, and accepts the role as the Planet of Joy alien and performs quite well, while also mustering up the courage to stand up to her father during the performance, so she can follow her dreams.


Sing 2

She is first introduced in the film by her father during the studio tour, the latter declaring that she is a huge Clay Calloway fan, even wearing a vintage T-shirt with his face and seeing the set loves "sky-fi", which she meant to say "sci-fi". Following Rosita's sudden dizziness as she was about to do a harness stunt, Porsha settles onto the platform with the urge to try the jump. Buster Moon objects to this, so Porsha complains to Jimmy, automatically giving her the green light to jump without hesitation. Already gleefully dabbling in the sensation, Porsha claims everything goes like in her dream last night where everyone in the studio was there and Buster had asked her to sing for him. She then sings "Girl On Fire" and once back downstairs, she insists that Rosita is too scared to play the main role and claims it herself. Buster still objects, but Crystal "convinces him" to let Porsha be the star of Out of This World.

Now the main character, Porsha turns out to be a terrible actress during her first rehearsal, which Buster doesn't have the courage to tell her. Coming back later from shopping, making her two hours late for rehearsal, Porsha is surprised to see Miss Crawly at the helm, while Buster left with Ash to recruit Calloway. As preparations for Out of This World soon come to an end, Porsha's acting has still not progressed. Realizing this, Buster summons Porsha to his office where he explains that although she is exceptional, he deems it best for Rosita to reprise her role. Porsha absurdly interprets this as being fired and angrily walks out of the office with the intention of telling her father about it, just to believe that everyone hates her when they look at her incredulously. Buster doesn't have time to clear up the misunderstanding as Porsha slams the studio door.

Porsha is then seen in Crystal's office sobbing as her father is only outraged by the image that his daughter being "fired" can cause him, even ordering Porsha to stop crying because she has embarrassed him and now everyone will think his daughter is a "talentless loser" and has her escorted home by one of his bodyguards. She continues to mourn in her bedroom until Miss Crawly comes to recruit her to return to the prematurely compromised show. Warmly greeted by the group, Porsha admits her overreacting earlier while warning that they are not safe from her father, although Johnny finds a solution to this problem.

When Out of This World is presented clandestinely to the crowd, Porsha dressed as a six-armed green alien, which originally done by Rosita, now takes the central role of the second musical performance. Before entering the scene, Buster encourages the young wolf to show the world what she is truly made of. Porsha passionately sings and dances "Could Have Been Me" and when an angry Crystal intervening backstage orders her to get off the stage, she finally stands up to him, running up to him as she sings the lyrics "I can’t hear you now" as she points at her ears to taunt him, as she continues her graceful performance with the tarsier dancers and finishes under the cheers from the crowd, much to the joy of the female wolf. Soon after, she helplessly witnesses her father's attempt to kill Buster by throwing him from above, and is heard begging him to stop, but the koala is saved by Rosita. Porsha then watches Rosita and Gunter's "Break Free" musical number and Ash and Calloway's duet, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". The gang then appear on stage and get praised by the audience, but leave when Crystal appears on stage and obnoxiously attempts to take all the credit for himself. The gang ditches him, leaving the audience to do nothing but shun him. Suki then ordered the police officers to arrest Crystal for his attempt to assassinate Buster during the show.

With the show finally over and successful, Porsha joins the gang on their journey back to Calatonia when suddenly, Suki stops their bus to tell them that the Majestic Theater wants to produce their show. Once Calloway agrees to continue, everyone else also accepts without hesitation. On the big night, Porsha and the others receive encouragement from everyone shortly before the start of the new Out of This World.


"Oh my gosh. I'm like, so into vintage right now."
— Porsha, referring to her Clay Calloway T-shirt

"Wait. Is this like, a sky-fi show? Oh my gosh, I love sky-fi!"
— Porsha, seeing the set designs, meaning to say "sci-fi"

"Ooh! Can I try?"
— Porsha volunteering to try out the harness

"Daddy! He won't let me jump!"
— Porsha to her father, about Buster not allowing her to do the harness stunt

"Whoo hoo hoo! I love it! It's easy!"
— Porsha having fun on the harness

"Oh my gosh, you guys! This is exactly like the dream I had last night! Seriously, you were all there! And you, and you, and that funny-looking guy over there! All of you! And you asked me to sing for ya!"
— Porsha, describing her dream

"Daddy! I’m hungry for French toast!"
— Porsha to her father, craving for French toast

"Take that, you nasty alien monster!"
— Porsha to Rosita during a rehearsal

"Did I do good?"
— Porsha to Buster, regarding her acting ability

"Yay! Did you hear that? He thinks I'm awesome."
— Porsha to Rosita, after the former was "complimented" by Buster on her acting ability

"Wait, where's the koala? Who are you?"
— Porsha, seeing Miss Crawly for the first time

"Ugh! It’s not my fault! He keeps missing the catch!"
— Porsha complaining to Miss Crawly about Gunter during rehearsal

"Captain's log. I must take care, for I have landed on the Planet of War."
— Porsha, flatly performing her lines

"What the heck is a captain's log, anyway?"
— Porsha, questioning her lines

"You're firing me?!"
— Porsha, misunderstanding Buster's decision to give her part back to Rosita

"Oh, wait till my dad hears that you fired me!"
— Porsha, storming out of Buster's office

"(sighs) Oh, my gosh. You all hate me, don't you?"
— Porsha, breaking down after seeing everyone looking at her incredulously

"You and your stupid, stupid sky-fi show can go to heck!"
— Porsha, storming off after a miscommunication with Buster

"Yeah, well, uh, maybe I overreacted a little before."
— Porsha, returning to the show

"Wow, my dad’s gonna flip when he finds out about us."
— Porsha looking forward to doing the show behind her father’s back

"Safe? Heh! Ehh, no. None of us are safe."
— Porsha when Buster claims his troupe is safe from her father

"Daddy, stop it!"
— Porsha, trying to stop her father from taking Buster up the lift to throw the koala off of the stage catwalk


  • Porsha Crystal is the second animated film character voiced by Halsey following her role as Wonder Woman in the 2018 film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.