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"Look at me, I'm mommy! La la la la la!"
— Caspar, one of Rosita's sons

Rosita & Norman's children are twenty-five piglets in Sing. They also star in the Sing home release-exclusive short "Gunter Babysits".

They are voiced by Oscar Jennings, Leo Jennings, Caspar Jennings, and Asa Jennings, the children of director Garth Jennings.


The children are all identical in appearance. The boys wear orange t-shirts and green shorts.

The girls wear light blue dresses with pink trims. They also have eyelashes, which the boys lack.

For nightwear, they all wear identical purple onsie pajamas with light blue stars that become green when they glow in the dark.

In a Christmas-themed TV spot, the children wear more diverse attire, though all upper-body clothes have a snowflake on the front. Both sexes wear green, blue, red shirts with green, blue, or red pants. In addition, they either wear Santa hats, green elf hats with red trim and a white pom-pom, wool caps. The caps are either red with a green pom-pom and trim, yellow-green with a dark green pom-pom and trim, or dark green with a yellow-green pom-pom and trim. Some piglets also wear red, yellow-green, or blue scarves.

Some girls wear red dresses with white trim or blue dresses with red trim, and red or green head-ribbons.


They are a bit mischievous, and are often crowded most of the time, though Rosita is usually able to control them. They can be quite hyperactive when they consume candy as seen in Gunter Babysits and Sing on Tour. Despite the chaos caused by their presence, they seem to follow their daily routine quite orderly regardless of whether they are supervised.

At first, the piglets, especially Caspar, mock and mimic their mother, who loves to hum when doing laundry, but after her show with Gunter, they appreciate her talent and enjoy the following performances.



The piglets are introduced at breakfast, being rambunctious while Rosita sings "Firework"; the boy, Casper, makes fun of her singing. Later, Rosita gives all of them backpacks as they cheerfully head to school. At night, they brush their teeth and go to bed while Rosita tries and fails to hire a babysitter.

The children repeat their routine, not knowing that Rosita joined a singing competition and constructed a Rube-Goldberg machine to manage chores in her place. When Casper feels under the weather, Rosita brings him to rehearsal; he quickly perks up with Gunter's energy and disrupts his mother's dance practice.

On the same day as the destruction of the Moon Theater, Rosita's machine malfunctions, stranding Norman and the piglets on a clothesline until she returns home. When Buster Moon stages a concert in the ruins of his theater, Norman and the piglets are one of the first groups to attend. They are wowed by Rosita and Gunter's performance of "Shake-It Off", and rush onstage to cheer her on. Finally, the piglets are present with their parents during the opening of the New Moon Theater.

Gunter Babysits

In this part of the movie, Gunter babysits Norman and Rosita's 25 children when they go out. 5 seconds after Gunter starts babysitting alone, a piglet comes down, climbs the counter, and opens a drawer. She asks for candy, but Gunter says no. She puts on puppy dog eyes and Gunter eventually gives in, but spills all the candy from the container by accident. Then he notices that all the piglets are up from their sleep and they are eyeing the candy. They then jump off the railing and starts chowing down. They start going hyperactive and mess up the house. A few of them restrain Gunter using fruit roll ups, which he eats to free himself. He gets them all under control by playing "Pump Up the Jam" by Technotronics and gets them to dance along with him. The piglets fall asleep, having exerted their energy. Gunter quickly puts them all back in bed, before their parents get home. As Rosita and Norman ask how things went, a forgotten piglet falls from the ceiling fan and lands on Gunter.

Happy Holidays from Sing

Rosita and her children have fun with their mother while "Sleigh Ride" plays. After Gunter switches the track with his holiday dance remix of "Groove Is in the Heart", he pulls Rosita forward to dance. She falls on the ice, but her piglets and some squids surround her in a heart shape. At the end, they pose with their mother and the rest of the Singcast.

Sing (McDonald's Happy Meal toy promotion)

Rosita orders her piglets McDonald's happy meals at the Drive-Thru.

Sing for the Gold

Rosita and her piglets bob their heads to "Eye of the Tiger" in the car.

Sing on Tour

Pre-Show As Mizuki interviews Rosita about herself, they are interrupted by the piglets, who are hyperactive from eating Norman's candy. One boy dances to the music, inspiring Gunter to change his routine for the upcoming show. While Rosita contests this decision, her children rush out of the room. When Buster Moon is ready to start the show, the piglets rush in front of him, Rosita following close behind.

Sing 2


From Sing

"Good night, Mommy."
— One of Rosita's girls

"That was great!"
— One of Rosita's boys after her performance

From Gunter Babysits

"Where's Mommy?"
— One of Rosita's girls, who notices Gunter

"Can I have some candy?"
— One of Rosita's girls, asking for candy

"Pretty please?"
— One of Rosita's girls, asking nicely for candy

From Sing 2

"This is the best day of my life, Daddy!"
— One of Rosita's girls, while swimming in chocolate

From Sing (McDonald's Happy Meal toy promotion)

"We'd like a happy meal!"
— Rosita's piglets ordering at McDonald's


  • 14 piglets are male, while the other 11 are female.
  • Out of these piglets, there are 21 of them whose names are known: Avery, Carrie, Iggy, Perry, Carla, Gail, Rory, Micky, Moe, Nelson, Hannah, Tess, Kelly, George, Andy, Freddy, Caspar, Zoey, Horace, Athena and Leo.
    • Caspar shares his name with one of the piglets' voice actors, Caspar Jennings.


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