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Ryan is a male Bengal tiger and a minor character in Sing 2. He is a dancing student in Klaus Kickenklober's class.


Ryan is a tall and fit male Bengal tiger with orange and white fur with black stripes. His eyes are green, and he was mostly seen in his dancing class clothes, consisting of a white short-sleeved -shirt, form-fitting pants, and dancing shoes.

He also wore a red costume for his part to play in Out of This World and was then seen in his undergarments after Klaus forced Ryan to take off his costume so the vindictive monkey could take Ryan's place.


Ryan was given limited screen time, though he presented himself to be polite and welcoming to Johnny and perfectly willing to work with him, and feeling sympathetic to how harshly Johnny was treated by their teacher, Klaus. After seeing Johnny improve immensely, Ryan happily congratulated Johnny's dancing skills and was excited to be his performance partner in Out of This World.

However, Ryan's part is stolen from him by a vindictive Klaus, who takes Ryan's costume and place, to Johnny and Ryan's mutual dismay. But even after Klaus seems to have upstaged and discouraged Johnny, Nooshy, the other dancers and even Ryan encourage Johnny to stand back up and show Klaus what he's made of, proving Ryan respects Johnny more than Klaus and regards him as a great dancer and even a friend.


Sing 2

Ryan is a dancing student in Redshore City, where he receives instruction from Klaus Kickenklober. Ryan is among the students who welcome Johnny in their dance class, and for Johnny's big scene in the imminent performance of Out of This World Ryan is selected to be Johnny's performance partner. However, due to Klaus' harsh teaching methods and his inability to teach Johnny effectively, Johnny seeks dance lessons from Nooshy. After Johnny improves and is able to do the big finish, Ryan and their fellow students happily congratulated Johnny, much to Klaus' ire and jealousy.

During the show, Ryan is forced by Klaus to give him his costume so Klaus can try to undermine Johnny's performance, but Johnny beats Klaus with encouragement from Nooshy and the other dancers, including Ryan.

After the show is a success and picked up by the Majestic Theater, Ryan and the other dancers continue to perform in it.


"Wait, what?"
— Ryan to Klaus, who demands him to hand over his costume