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Welcome to the Sing Wiki's discussion policy page. This policy, along with our other policies listed above, must be followed all around the Sing Wiki by all users.

Discussion policies

  1. Bad language, vulgar/sexual terminology and profanity is not allowed anywhere on this site.
  2. Trolling/harassing others is not allowed on the wiki.
  3. Cyber bullying is not allowed anywhere on the wiki. That means no name calling, making fun of, bullying and/or imitating.
  4. Do not post irrelevant comments or messages.
  5. Do not give out personal information. Do not solicit personal information from others, either.
  6. Do not spam others' message walls.
  7. Always be nice to other users and don't post anything that can hurt their feelings or offend them in some ways.
  8. Do not be mean or rude to the others.
  9. Respect everyone's opinion.
  10. Do not start fights or wars between users.
  11. Do not post anything that contains inappropriate content.
  12. Temporary spoiler policy: Until the end of January 2022, the only place you can discuss spoilers for Sing 2 is the Sing 2 Talk discussion page.

We expect you to follow these rules. If not, we will have to take some severe actions. In case you have any questions or need some help understanding these policies, please contact an administrator.