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Sing on Tour is a live show attraction in Universal Studios Japan, located in the park's Illumination Theater.[3]



Buster Moon welcomes the audience to the opening night of Sing on Tour. He states that there are some kinks and apologizes for the delay, but claims that Miss Crawly is on the job…right as the circuit board blows a fuse. Buster tells the camerawoman, Mizuki, to introduce herself while he leaves to help with the circuit board.

Mizuki decides to take the audience on a backstage VIP tour, asking Rosita to tell the audience about herself. Rosita is interrupted by Norman and her piglets, the latter hyperactive from eating candy. Gunter is impressed by a piglet’s dancing and wants to incorporate his moves into the show; Rosita points out that they would be changing the routine at the last minute. All of the children then run out of the room, Rosita following. Mizuki also leaves and enters the room across the hallway, where Buster and Ms. Crawly are still trying to fix the circuit board.

Still needing to stall for time, Buster tells Mizuki to introduce the audience to Ash. A huge fan of Ash, Mizuki gets excited when approaching her hero’s room, but the porcupine runs out, claiming her routine won’t work. Across from Ash’s room, Johnny struggles with his piano, which has a malfunctioning device meant to have it roll onstage automatically. Mizuki fixes the machine with a few good wrench whacks, then leaves and exits into a different hallway.

Mizuki walks in on Buster turning down the squids' performance in the show. He tells her to keep up the good work and passes Meena, who is trying to psych herself up for the show. Gunter encourages Meena to breathe deeply. Meena complies and takes a deep breath, then accidentally blows him away with her trunk exhalation. Mizuki looks for Buster after hearing a hippo call out for Ash. She finds him at the same time as Miss Crawly, who has fixed the circuit board. Buster hops onto his crescent moon prop, and tells the audience to stand clear of the doors and enjoy the show.



Construction on the Illumination Theater began in September 2018, replacing Universal Studios Japan's long-defunct Horror Make-Up Show; the annual passholder center located in the theater lobby was moved to the former Television Production Tour building[4].Sing on Tour was publicly announced December 5th, 2018. On February 25, 2019, comedian Teruyoshi Uchimura was confirmed to reprise his role as Buster Moon from the Japanese dub of Sing[1].

On April 17, 2019, Universal Studios Japan held an opening ceremony for a select group of guests. Uchimura attended the premiere, and joined the performers at the end of the show for the final bows[5]. Sing on Tour opened to the general public the day after.

On October 20, 2020, it was confirmed that an Illumination Theater with its own production of Sing on Tour will be one of many planned attractions located in Universal's upcoming theme park Universal Studios Beijing. This theater will be located in the park's Minion Land, which is otherwise themed to Despicable Me. This Sing on Tour is tentatively scheduled to open with the park on May 2021[2].



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