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Teruyoshi Uchimura is a Japanese owarai comedian. In his home country, he is best known as half of the comedy duo Utchan Nanchan. He is also the leader of the six-man konto-style comedy group NO PLAN, which performed in the successful Japanese TV program Uchimura Produce (2000-2005).

While primarily a television comedian, Uchimura has acted in film. In 1992 he, along with Utchan Nanchan partner Kiyotaka Nanbara, acted in the action-comedy Shichi-nin no Otaku: Cult Seven, which won them the Japanese Academy Award for Best New Actors. He has since appeared in such films as Kisarazu Cat's Eye: Nihon Series (2003) and Zebraman (2004). In 2006, Uchimura released his directorial debut, the baseball comedy PEANUTS (2006).

He is the voice of Buster Moon in the Japanese dub of Sing, and reprised his role in the Universal Studios Japan attraction Sing on Tour.

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